Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cruzin' with Desert Heat!

Formed in 2002, Desert Heat is made up of two Emirati Brothers, ‘Illmiyah’ (eel- mee-yah) & ‘Arableak’, who share the goal of being the 1st truly Arabian voice of the Middle Eastern youth.

Desert Heat primarily rap in English, but the majority of their songs contain Arabic literature, adding nothing but originality to their music.
From early on, Desert Heat focused on writing as many lyrics as they could, expressing what life is like being an Arab in the Middle East, and Cruzin' is no different. 

The hit features upcoming R&B artist Tiny'o (Hassan Shams) & Mr Shef Codes, and is directed by David Zennie & Produced by MIP - Check out my behind the scenes of the Cruzin' video set in Dubai.

Shamim x

P.S iStyle makes ShamimScene hawt! 

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