Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let’s talk BLOGS!

Bloggers are the hot new THANG in town, so I wanted to get close up and personal with them, the industry, and where we are at.

Thank you everyone that took part in this.

Shamim x

P.S Watch the video as well as read the answers from Front Row Mode below:

What do you think of the blogging standards in the region?
The truth of the matter is, paper back isn't what its all about these days, its all stating to go viral now, in general the internet is taking over. You now see Bryan boy sitting right next to Anna Wintour in the front row and the 13 year old blogger Tavi as well...its a new day. And in the UAE, well to be honest what else do they have to take seriously, the UAE is not a fashion capital yet, they must get what they can wherever they can get it, the UAE isn't at the level yet where that part of the question would be considered valid.

Do you feel that PR agencies should treat all the bloggers the same?
Well, yes and no. Let me start off by saying why not. When a blogger has a lot of constant readers, the blogger's opinions and attitude is what is compelling and attracting their audience. In a sense, the audience CARES what the blogger has to say, and in return this blog catches the eyes of PR agencies. So if we're to say that PR agencies should treat all the bloggers the same, it would be like saying a person with a 200 people fan base has the same impact as a person with 100,000 views per month. This is certainly not the case, and this is not how the industry works.
That being said, all bloggers start with a relative smaller exposure, and once they've found their place and increased their fan base, they start to attract the PR agencies. That's why no matter on what level the blog is, a certain amount of attention should be given to it because that is what PR agencies do best; seek opportunities in things that are small-scaled and upcoming.

As one of the most active blogs what would you like to see in the industry?
If your talking about Dubai's Fashion industry, then we would like them to spend more money on their events for example Dubai Fashion Week, they state that their venue is located in Atlantis Hotel even though the venue is outside in a tent which was meant for the month of ramadan, plus they do not have seating charts which then turns it into an unorganized fashion week.

Why is the Front Row Mode Team anonymous?
The truth of the matter is that there are ever few writers out there who like to retain some sort of anonymity. But this for many different reasons. Generally speaking, we don't believe that at Front Row Mode our anonymity is any issue, instead it is one of the reasons why people enjoy our blog so much. Can you imagine what the industry, let alone the world, would be like if people could report and criticize without having boundaries set by society? This is what the anonymity does for us. 

At Front Row Mode we believe in saying what is on our mind, especially given the often subjective nature of Fashion. We do not want to be put in a place where our opinions and our entries could be altered by friends, acquaintances or our co-workers in this industry.

Also, to go back to what we were saying earlier, at FRM anonymity has never been an issue. We have many people who represent us at shows in Dubai, New York, Toronto and London. This way we are personally invited and present, and are hence able to do our reviews accurately. And these people are all part of the FRM team which you have wrongly claimed as anonymous. As for the editors, well, that's a different story.

Let’s help the community out; give me some of the top blogs in the region…

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