Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arab World Unite!

I got to catch up with Ammar, the man behind Ammaro Productions, and the founder of BahrainTalent & HalaBahrain.

The guys over in Bahrain have recently launched a hot song called Arab World Unite; featuring nothing but our very own local talent, Ammar edited the video so I got a bit of gossip.

Arab World Unite is produced by DJ Outlaw in collaboration with 2seas Records featuring Qusai from Saudi, Rush from Egypt, Balti from Tunisia, Ayzee from Saudi, Vico from Lebanon, Flipp from Bahrain, Murder Eyez from Syria, Timz from Iraq & Talal from Palestine.

Shout out to the guys in Bahrain for making this happen!

Shamim x

P.S iStyling it out 

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  1. yo shamim, looks like we share a same name.

    ok, here it is. i am a pure arab. but born and raised in indonesia. unfortunately that made me a non-arabic speaker.

    for that reason i ask u, to please attach the lyric of dj-outlaw's arab world unite. as an arab i want to read and sing it in arabic as it is my original language. could u please help me?

    arabic alphabet-written is good for me. thank you very much.