Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kelly Van Gogh - Shamim Gets a new Hair Colour!

I love colouring my hair myself, but it’s not just about how well you can do it, or how much you pay but more about how good the product is..
I heard about this new product called KELLY VAN GOGH a luxury hair colour that apparently repairs your hair :s I said to myself ..Why not! Let’s do it…so Yes I did go through the whole process of colouring my hair live in front of the camera .. no makeup no nothing… :D ..
I am not a beauty expert ..but must say this was very straight forward, even picking a colour is easy it comes in 3 ranges ..your dark, your blonde and your red…
My favorite part in all this is the NO STAIN part…THANK GOD!
P.S they also have this product called WonderLust ..protects your hair from heat .. the sun..and pretty much anything that can harm it… I am using it at the moment will let you know how I go J
Shamim xo

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