Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ahlan! Hot 100 Restaurants

Who doesn’t love food......last night we celebrated the top 100 restaurants at the Hotel JAL Tower Dubai ... What can I say… Ahlan! Did it again..

Check it out ..

Shamim xo


  1. Chick great video !! Sorry for my random appearence in it !! Didn't realize till later that was Layne from Out and About lol. To answer your question I'm a nurse hear in Dubai. My question is who is the hot guy at the end of the video? I'm a new fan and will be following your blog, going to post it on my FB right now !!!

  2. Hay Babe,

    No worries at were super cool :) ..

    hehe The hot guy is Brent Black from Virgin Radio :) ...thanks so much for your kind words...

    add me on FB lets be mates :D