Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shamim's Friday - The Fade's House Warming & Faithless @ Nasimi Beach

Since you guys follow what I get up to during the week, you might as well check out one of my weekends……here it goes….

So my Friday was made up of The Kris & Maz Fade's House Warming where I got to chat to the guys from Virgin Radio, our favourite out & about guy Layne Redman, and the producer for Dubai92’s Catboy & Geordiebird breakfast show ……Followed by the very unexpected, unplanned Faithless at Nasimi where I reveal to you the man behind the Atlantis & Nasimi twitter (who is doing an amazing JOB) as well as a quick chat with the Wild Peeta brothers....

P.S I got a bit of a telling off from one of the Nasimi staff for filming but after all they did put on one hell of an event and got thousands of people sorted out so I won’t hold that against them .. Well-done Nasimi  J

Enjoy x


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