Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My live fishfayce photoshoot

If you get out and about in Dubai, you would have definitely bumped into the amazing team at fishfayce by now. A concept that is slowly appearing in most of Dubai's hottest spots...and slowly becoming the HAWT HAWT new thang that everyone is talking about at every event..oh and let’s not forget all our funky fb profile pictures that we all suddenly have  ...

I got to catch fishfayce in action on my flip; and find out the whole story behind the new must have feature for your next event…

A huge thank you to the team at fishfayce for coming on board to support my video blog, the background of my twitter and my blog have been created by it live in action ….

Catch these guys on fb and make sure you follow them on twitter for live updates @fishfayce

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