Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Image Factor & Gallery Lafayette Style me up

Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever, Coco Chanel

We all know fashion isn’t my THANG, but after all I am a girl and I can't stay away from it..

I spent all Saturday at Gallery Lafayette with the team from Image Factor, a company that provides styling & shopping services across fashion & beauty..

What an amazing day … if you have anything to do with fashion this is a must watch…it is a bit long but worth every second!! ..

Check out how a lawyer has become a fashion blogger, how to overcome the fear of fashion, how to get your hands on an audio book to become a fashion stylist..or even better get down to image factor’s five day course all about fashion..

I will leave you with a couple of tips from Image Factor:

·         Long skirts are the new IN thing
·         Neutrals colors are the way to go
·         Black is OUT …stay away from here
·         Do a bit of Halter’s the way to go .
·         Go with the Relaxed Tailoring look …
·         Do the Wide leg
·         Chartreuse & Orange are in
·         Make it 1970’s in 2011
·         Statement pieces & accessories will be huge
·         Old fashioned glamour with etiquette is the fashionable behaviour this season.

If your keen to get in touch with Image Factor, below are the details:
Facebook imagefactoruae

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