Monday, March 28, 2011

The Dubai World Cup 2011 - Shamim scores the big interviews

One of the most talked about events in Dubai.. The Dubai World Cup..
I was lucky enough to be the only blogger covering the event.. What a day, what a night…
Check my video out as I cover the day before the event, the Jaguar style stakes, the Bubble lounge, Jumeirah Group lounge (they seem to be popular with me)  …
Also check my interviews out as I talk to Gary Dugan Chief Investment Officer, Private Banking, Emirates NBD, Mark Kass Managing Director - Honda UAE, Len Hunt the Group Director for Automotive at Al Futtaim, Denison Offutt, Consular Chief Of the American Consulate and more….
Thank to everyone that gave me and my flip some love…I really do appreciate it J
Shamim x

Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011 DubaiTwestival - Shamim meets half the twitter world!

When I said you guys keep me busy, I really did mean it….Thursday night I hit the 2011 DubaiTwestival at the Intercontinental hotel..

Check out what my flip and I got up to … J


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shamim hits Istanbul with Ezel & Kenan

Yes I did meet the gorgeous Kenan imirzalıoğlu, the amazing guys from Abu Dhabi TV actually had the whole crew from Ezel last night here in the UAE! ..

Did you know that the Turkish series are being watched all around the world in different languages?

Check out the night through my flip and my interviews...I even got to catch Star FM's DJ Hayson J

P.S did you know that the Turkish series are being watched all around the world in different languages?  

P.S.S forgive me about the light situation was way too dark and sometimes too loud L

Shamim x

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Mother's Day - Al Arabiya 99

Last night it was all about Mother's Day with Al Arabiya 99... UAE’s most popular Arabic-language station and Arabian Radio Network's first station to launch back in 2001.

We got to have dinner with not only one mummy but a whole lot of them at Ibn Battuta's Gate Hotel..YUM YUM btw and totally hawt hotel...

Enjoy my video and my chat with the awesome ladies from Al Arabiya 99...

Make sure you check them out, you can even listen to some of the best Arabic music J


Shamim x

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nail Station – Shamim's Experience

So I finally checked out Nail Station, a spot that’s known for the bright hot summer colours that we all want and love…

Good service, amazing colours, not sure about the value for money considering my nails are already chipping…

The worst part is the last part of my video …  check out what Nail Station try to charge you for keeping in mind all other brands give it for free…

Enjoy ..


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pond's Gold Radiance Launch

Gold in your moisturizer...hmm I think I have just about heard it all now..

Pond's rocked Jumeirah Beach Hotel with the launch of their most luxurious skin range, Pond's Gold Radiance with real gold micro-particles...apparently it works to reverse the effects of age spots, wrinkles, excessive pigmentation and dehydrated lackluster skin which results in dullness .. Let’s just say I am using this stuff for the rest of my life..It actually gives this natural glow that I am totally in love with ...

Catch my video of the event as well as my chat with Iain Potter, the Vice President of Marketing for the Middle East & North Africa for Unilever.


Shamim x

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The New Lady At Active - In The Office

Remember the new girl that joined us recently...well she’s in the office now..catch her in action ..

Shamim x

P.S Maya and I have the same outfit we smell amazing fashion or waaa!

My new toy - the latest BlackBerry Bold

I love to share everything with you here is a quick blog about my new phone...check it out..its pretty hawt hawt
Shamim x

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Behind the scenes of a Grazia shoot

Some of us ladies just can’t live without it … Grazia … a weekly style magazine that we just can’t put down…

With the racing season coming up, I take you behind the scenes of a shoot for the upcoming Dubai World Cup .. its amazing how much time and work is put into one of these shoots…

Check out my day with the Grazia ladies and make sure you pick up your copy :)

Shamim x

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The AED 300 Million Cheese bldg

I’ve seen this building about 100 times, last night I went down to the launch of it....

What a HAWT HAWT building...

Check out the launch of O14 complimented with the display of a renowned Spanish artist, Serrano Bou’s latest project, “Eyes through Eyes” for the first time in Dubai…


Shamim x

Monday, March 14, 2011

Credit Cards & Five star hotels ..hmmmm..

Yes...this is the post you have all been waiting for since Saturday, its also the drama I have been dealing with since Friday night...
You would never think a 5 star hotel can misplace your credit card and legal I D for around 72 hours..
Just so you know, after I put this video together, I had a call from the lovely manager Ibrahim to tell me that they had found my ID and credit card...Lovely guy for dealing with it however this doesnt change the fact that it happened.
Shamim x

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reina Swimwear launches

If you watched my Ahlan! Hot 100 video, then you probably remember the beautiful Rana, the lady behind Reina; a brand that we have spotted several celebrities wearing..
Word on the street is that Reina is the perfect answer for the fashion-conscious traveler who wants to look glamorous and laid-back without having to stress about their wardrobe while on holiday.
Reina have just launched their swimwear line, and I was lucky enough to attend the event hosted by Simone Heng…

Check out my chat with Rana & my catch up with Simone Heng  :)  
Shamim xx

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My super cool taxi ride

If you thought taxi drivers weren’t cool. Think again....
I had one of the coolest taxi rides the other night. So cool I wanted to share it with you kids..

Check it out..I barty in cab .. LCD screen and all
Shamim x

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

G R I N & BOW – The Sneak Preview

It’s been in my diary for about a month now, Wednesday night the G R I N & BOW spring summer show...

If your into your dresses and one of a kind jewellery piece then I bet you are dying to check out the show on Wednesday..

I managed to catch the Gedeon sisters on my flip for a quick preview of what we can expect on the night, as well as what their brands are all about..

Check out my video ..

Shamim x

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dope my life up with dopa

Paul frank has a new girlfriend - dopa ..

I can't stay away from fashion...had to check out the launch of dopa at Media One's M Deck where I got dopa-fied ...

Dopa represents a passion for living, an addiction to pleasure, and a positive outlook on life.
Check out my chat with the lady behind dopa; the gorgeous Dareen...
Shamim x
P.S if you want to get your hands on dopa check out :
KDS Gallery, Zamalek, Cairo
The Union, Jemmayze, Beirut
Vaniti Fashion Boutique, Jeddah
The Zoo Concept, Jumeirah, Dubai

O Concept Stores, Jumeirah, Dubai

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shamim's taste of Taste of Dubai 2011

Another busy weekend for me, this time it was all about the FOOD..ommm omm omm..

I checked out Taste of Dubai over the weekend, amazing food, amazing atmosphere, and an overall great day. Check out my blog as I give you a quick overview of some of the remarkable food and restaurants.

Thanks to everyone that gave my flip some lovin ... Paul De Visser & Michael G.Szczepanski from Ruth's Chris Steak House, Stephan Claus from effect, Cynthia Farhat from Miele, and the lovely Kim from Raw Coffee...

A huge thanks goes out to Ahmad from The Guild PR ...

Enjoy x


P.S 2 videos ...long day ..lots of food..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kaiis by Karina launch

I got to check out the exclusive python skin clutches line from Kaiis by Karina ..

Karina was keen to mix python skins and exotic gemstones together ..check out my video for a preview of this new line..

Word on the street is that each clutch is one of a kind .. pretty cool if you ask me! 


Shamim x

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My live fishfayce photoshoot

If you get out and about in Dubai, you would have definitely bumped into the amazing team at fishfayce by now. A concept that is slowly appearing in most of Dubai's hottest spots...and slowly becoming the HAWT HAWT new thang that everyone is talking about at every event..oh and let’s not forget all our funky fb profile pictures that we all suddenly have  ...

I got to catch fishfayce in action on my flip; and find out the whole story behind the new must have feature for your next event…

A huge thank you to the team at fishfayce for coming on board to support my video blog, the background of my twitter and my blog have been created by it live in action ….

Catch these guys on fb and make sure you follow them on twitter for live updates @fishfayce

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Image Factor & Gallery Lafayette Style me up

Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever, Coco Chanel

We all know fashion isn’t my THANG, but after all I am a girl and I can't stay away from it..

I spent all Saturday at Gallery Lafayette with the team from Image Factor, a company that provides styling & shopping services across fashion & beauty..

What an amazing day … if you have anything to do with fashion this is a must watch…it is a bit long but worth every second!! ..

Check out how a lawyer has become a fashion blogger, how to overcome the fear of fashion, how to get your hands on an audio book to become a fashion stylist..or even better get down to image factor’s five day course all about fashion..

I will leave you with a couple of tips from Image Factor:

·         Long skirts are the new IN thing
·         Neutrals colors are the way to go
·         Black is OUT …stay away from here
·         Do a bit of Halter’s the way to go .
·         Go with the Relaxed Tailoring look …
·         Do the Wide leg
·         Chartreuse & Orange are in
·         Make it 1970’s in 2011
·         Statement pieces & accessories will be huge
·         Old fashioned glamour with etiquette is the fashionable behaviour this season.

If your keen to get in touch with Image Factor, below are the details:
Facebook imagefactoruae