Monday, February 14, 2011


Believe it or not; there are fit people that care about fitness here in Dubai.... I hit Safa Park for the b2b training last night; it was a random decision to buy voucher on Gonabit back in December...

The whole idea behind these guys is that they offer back 2 basics approach, so none of the flash machines you see at your gym. You know the ones you spend hours trying to work. Well I do anyway J

Check out my video as I take you through my interesting evening and even the morning after, thanks to my flip camera off course, another unedited unprepared video...ENJOY :) x

P.S I went through hell and back to get this recording done for you kids..

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  1. Lonely as a cloud

    What shall we sing, my friends?
    In what shall we rejoice?
    There alone our song lives,
    Where our ancestors were born.
    On Earth, where they lived...
    I suffer here on Earth...
    He who gives life conceals

    ...thanks...sweet Lady!