Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Ahlan! Hot 100 - Burning up on the red carpet

Another year, another Ahlan! Hot 100 ….and it only gets better…last night Meydan Hotel saw the trend setters, entrepreneurs and overall the city’s most influential people rock the red carpet…all the thanks to Sept PR off course ..They did an amazing job; total PR respect to Rania & her team, and just when you thought it couldn’t get better Jermaine Jackson also made an appearance.

They say that this year’s Hot 100 list is a true representation of the rich mix of cultures and nationalities that can be found in the region, with 47% representing Emiratis and Arab expatriates with the remaining 53% representing Western and Asian expatriates.

Catch my blog as I chat to the SeptPR ladies, Bong Guerrero Managing partner of the agency that throws the best events in town brag, Rana head of Reina, Mohammed Al Habtoor CEO of Al Habtoor Group & owner of House of GlamO, the DinZ ladies, the 20something crew..and many more :)

Enjoy xoxo


  1. Rema Hassan from Dubai One has to be one of the funniest and most amazing people who works there! Love the videos Shamim!

  2. such a great video , covered everything, everyone ,with a lovely attitude..keep it up..

  3. Oh love this was like being there, lol, ur so fun!