Tuesday, January 25, 2011

YES – I will start filming my life

So…if you don’t already know, I have decided to film my life, well at least the interesting parts of it…
The lucky ones of you who work in PR know that we are always out and about, here and there, attending this event and that restaurant, I decided to document the highlights, the interesting people, the interesting events, the interesting roads and the yummy food….it is pretty much my diary!
I spoke to the team that looks after flip at dPR and they were so open to the idea it actually really motivated me…there is a high chance that you will hate it, I have zero video editing skills, so pretty much what you see is the REAL deal, no editing and sometimes no make up for me :S …
So here we go, if you own a company that provides any sort of service. if you run events, I would watch out for me as I might just be there with my flip, the only camera I will be using throughout this… Sharing my life moments with you all..
Enjoy xoxo

P.S I am open to any ideas so please get in touch if you have anything you want me to check out with my flip!

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