Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Male species … Just when we thought we’ve seen it all……

I can confidently say that I have been meaning to write this for about umm 3 years…but every time  I think I’ve  seen and heard it all, a guy comes  and raises the bar of weirdness even higher ..
Okay before I start this, if anything below relates to you..Please don’t be offended; instead do something about it..Say sorry to the person you’ve hurt, do something nice for someone elseI don’t know if you believe in Karma, but what goes around comes back around…
So here I go ..let’s explore the talents of the male species …first question; when did it become so hard to find your other half? Back in the day when life was challenging before the days of sms, mms, bbm, fb, twitter and the rest of it, people managed to meet, get married, have a beautiful long life together and bring up amazing kids… ..Then we ruined it all’s like we are bankrupt of all the beautiful things that were once around..
A MAN …has the meaning of the word really been lost? If not then did they all pack and leave planet earth? Is honesty, respect, and love really just a bunch of crap?
Back in 1978 My dad saw my mum, said she’s his, her father tried to stop it, but because he wanted her so bad he would have moved the sun, the moon, heaven, earth and all the rest of it to be with her….I’m sure you can all tell me stories like that about your parents and other generations..But why not ours!?!?!?
My mother claims that dating a guy is not a very good idea, is she right? I think not, she is just lucky she was going through this at a time when guys were still normal haha.. these days people are sooo strange you need to date them as long as possible to figure out if he is normal or a total freak …  
They say girls just want to get married, and maybe some do, maybe some do want to settle and find that special one…MEN please don’t freak out and feel special…just as much as the whole idea freaks you out, it freaks us out…we don’t want to give ourselves away to just anyone, and especially not to a man that can’t even figure out if he wants to be with us or not! The concept sends shivers down my spine, and I really do admire people that get married…and especially young, I can’t even decide what I am having for lunch!
I do believe in soul mates, I really do believe that there is one special person that has been created for each one of us, the whole concept of ‘naseb’ I absolutely love…do we believe it and love it because we want to feel safe and we won’t have to  put in any effort? is it actually real ?  Or is it all crap and it’s all about the physical attraction these days?
I bet every lady that is reading this can relate to it…after all single is the new hot fashion trend these days…so can all the single ladies please put their hands up ..I can honestly go on forever, but will stop here……and let you go find that guy that will catch a grenade for you..
As for the guys reading this…don’t do people wrong, don’t make a girl cry…how would you like it if someone hurt your sister? Or your cousin or your good girl mate? …
Over and out ..
Shamim’s thoughts..
P.S enjoy the below list..I’m sure you can all add to it…Smile..after all these guys have no idea how entertaining they are making our brunches, lunches, dinners and sleep overs……..
P.S.S the below are from all over the world…all real sadly haha!

The “just when you thought you’ve seen it all” list..this guy comes along..

  • The guy that calls you at 1 in the morning every weekend..
  • The guy that wants to see you every night of the week, cooks for you, but doesn’t want to call you his gf.. Commitment issues?
  • The married man that wants to spend all his money on you while his wife is at the hospital delivering his second baby… SICK
  • The guy that has an arranged married back home and isn’t man enough to say no to his own mother..ya right your really going to look after me..
  • The young guy that knows you’re older dates you and then a year later claims he wants to see the world and can’t commit!
  • The guy that’s been dating you for 2 years, but in the mean time his mother is setting him up with his wife :S ….
  • The guy you date when your 16, he has 2 kids now..and he still reminisces every time he sees you..CAN YOU PLEASE get over it… as Sarah Jessica parker says ..” we are so over ..we need a new word”
  • The guy you meet, you don’t hear from him for months..Then randomly calls you..slightly bored are we ?
  • The guy that thinks you are in love with him..When your soooo not …you don’t even have feelings for him…he confronts you tell him the truth and his ego goes a tad crazy!
  • The guy that is so emotional, he makes you feel like YOU’RE the man in the relationship…...dude like really it’s not cool
  • The guy that hits on every girl and if you reject him he actually tells you off…really?!?!?!
  • The guy that has a girlfriend, but seems to do everything for you including making CDs, picking and dropping you off and the little things that make you smile…hmmm he’s slightly confused
  • The guy that dates you for 10 years and still can’t put a ring on your finger…I’m sorry do you still need time to get to know me?
  • The guy that dates you long term and all of a sudden you don’t hear from him because he is ‘busy’ and doesn’t have 10 minutes for you..ha!?!
  • Or better yet the guy that is sooo busy with work that you stop hearing from him, 2.5 months later he sends you an email crying like a little girl and claiming he was in hospital.. Sorry but if you were 2 mins away from dying what were you doing on FB?
  • The guys that dont know if they are gay or str8
  • The guy that can’t stop talking to you online, breaks up with his gf when you’re not even in the same country, and when you are he doesn’t even bother to see you..hmm issues?
  • The guy that takes you out on a date and gets drunk, when your drinking water that is! And then asks you if you will see each other again.. Awkward! And NO is the answer!

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