Monday, December 6, 2010

Decision Making Skills..Are we really born with them?

Are we really born with the so called Decision Making skills?? Are some people honestly lucky enough to just know what decision to make!!..

As a Libra, indecisiveness is one thing we are known for; take my wardrobe for top 3 colours, a slightly odd situation, but one which is very common for me.
The decision process on what to have for lunch takes me about 75 minutes..

Is it that we are perfectionists and want nothing but the best? Or is it a fear of missing out on things...I don’t know...and I wish I did...

It drives me crazy, and it would be fair to say that it drives everyone else around me crazy...but let’s be honest here; at least I keep their life interesting  J

I keep hoping that the skill will eventually come to me randomly one day....until that day I will live with my ifs buts and maybes..